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Since I have been deployed, many have written and sent care packages.  I deeply appreciate everyone who has shown their support.  I ask your pardon if I have missed anyone.

My wife Dawn and the kids - what makes all this worth it       

Mom and Dad-the best grandparents a kid could ask for and always the best care packages        

DoctorBro-the liberal offset to my conservative views

Dr. Bill and Mary - thanks for everything

Mom-in-Law Katie - waiting for the next great stock tip; all my love

Cousin Pete - for helping Dawn with the homestead

Cousin Brian - for being on the other end of the bat-phone

Aunt Rita and cousins - you're  awesome

Uncle Paul & Aunt Sue, and the cousins - too many thanks

Uncle Jim & Aunt Shirley, and the gang - Following in the warriors footsteps

Aunt Dolores, and the cousins - Uncle Mark looks over me

Uncle Bill, Aunt Diane and the other "M.E."- see you on the golf course

Ummenhoffer - the best hose-dragger and coffee roaster I know

Ludwig - Mr. Congressman, you are a true friend.

Mite - can't wait to get the cousins together

Eve and Mike - the best friends any family could ask for

"Wildman" Tipton - keeping the "up-look"

Savicki - once a battle buddy, always a battle buddy

Don and Judy - great friends and mentors

Rees - Te amo, Ich bin nich toiletn!

SPC Levesque and his website:

The CSPD Comm Center and Volunteer Services

Jake the snake - keep the dirty side down

Eberhart - for your continuous email humor to get me through another day

Shive - for keeping an eye on the hood.

Rob , Stacy and Tristan

The Bird's and their future aviator son - Ian

The Cachiero's and their artistic children

My high school friend Jon "Prez" Slayton - and your great emails

The Oak Ridge High School (Oak Ridge, TN.) class of 86.

the Kamke's - the best friends are old friends

Bette Wegler

Suzie Wickman

Covenant Presbyterian Church

M2M - for support and prayers

The web site ""; and the wonderful people who have generously sent letters and packages to my Unit and I:

The Adell Group home                   Victoria Johnson                   Debbie Godowsky         John and Elaine McClure

Gloria Feld                                   Alice Barrick                        Enid Dallas                  Jack Sands

A.O.H.L.A.O.H and Ms. Mary Ayre    Steve and Joan Calderon       Shirley Hetterly            Marylouise Montanari  

Jack Sands                                   Lori Wolf                            Dayna Behan               Wendy Fogerty

Ms. Bridget and Mary Ann Jones      Judy Miller                          Mrs. Nelson                 Peter Sission

Linda Swinford                             Bob and Anne Funkhouser      Maria Herzer                Elaine Matzen

Stewart and Marilynn Robinson       Stephanie Stevens                Jack Sands                  Mark Miller

Susie Junek                                 Cherie Cashen                      Brian Langstaff            Chris and Audra Wotta

Kyle - Den 3, Pack 131                  Sarah Lapage                       Leonard & Mandy Benedetto

Jeff Nova                                     Julie Williams                      The Stanley family       Linda Swinford

Carole Anderson and Xerox gang: Kurt Jones, Roy Miller, Kay Ford, Toby Tobin, Chris Catlin, Mike Howells, Kim Packard, Steve Lucero, Cheryl Riddle, John Calderwood, Josh Huene, Kara Choquette, Roy Miller, Alec Berger, Ken Lucero, Eileen Reinders, David Olczak,  ...and the "Postcards from Home" Program

Barbara Ann Hopkins                     Jim and Reva Nickel               Sunny Lane United Methodist Church

Belle Dunlap and Seminole First Baptist Church                           Julie Williams

Sonny Tenenberg - Semper Fi         Vicki Persons                         Chris and Steve Castle

Heather Turnwall and everyone at The Capital Grille in Denver       Lorraine Schaeffer

Lowe SS Class and Johnson Ferry Baptist Church                          Barbara Rizzitello

Eve Taylor                            Jackie, John Matt and Deb Messina and the Marshall Hilltopers Hockey Team       

Giuliano at Gold Hill Elementary School            Emily at The Meadows School    Ann Savage    

Jeanette Cram (a.k.a "The Cookie Lady")          Stella Lacle      Granville Elementary School

Doreen Cesari                               Valerie Bruce                       Sylvia and Mark Geier

Prescott Mile High Middle School       Susan and Rachel Westerfield and Friends   



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