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Deployment Photo Gallery

The train-up to Iraq at Ft. Hood

The trip through Kuwait

Various Air Mission shots

Signs seen in Iraq

Aircraft Pictures

Where we sleep

At fun had by anyone

Other sights

Vehicles seen around

Soldier art...paintings on the "T" wall mortar barriers


Not all my pictures, but all good shots, with a few "stars" thrown in


The train-up to Iraq at Ft. Hood:

Waiting on the next training mission.

Practicing the "stack" for room clearing.

Soldiers doing what soldiers do best.

LT Dan briefs the troops.

Happy as dogs in a pick-up.

Ready to make entry in a room clearing exercise.

Ready for the "fun room".

See...isn't this fun...not.

We saw these "occasionally".

The trip through Kuwait:

Farewell from the folks at Bangor, Main; very moving.

Arrival in Kuwait after traveling all night.

At least we all had plenty of privacy.

Check out the fun meter...

Sharing some lunch with the locals.

Too much sand...

Mixing with the locals...

Sometimes the locals were a little "too" friendly...

My last view of Kuwait from the back of a CH-47. Next stop -Iraq.

Various Air Mission shots:

The Army "Workhorse", the UH-60 Blackhawk.


The "office" I enjoy.

Cup o'joe for the road.

Strapped in...

Ready to go...

Best sight of the day...

Not all of Iraq is a dessert.

...but most is.

Over Baghdad...

Iraq's poor, far too many.

Baghdad haze...

Formation over Baghdad

Landing at the Cross Sabers monument in Baghdad.

UH-60 in front of the Crossed Sabers monument.

Achient history, the Zigerat monument.

Fly-by of the Zigerat

Dropping candy bags to kids.

Bird-strike, 6" to either side would have been a real "headache".

Bird-strike, could have been bad-but no damage - except for the bird.

Crew with flag

Signs seen in Iraq:

The last thing on the "to-do" list.

Seen at the American embassy in Baghdad.

Sometimes it pays to do what the sign says.

I can't understand why some people think we don't listen to their ideas.

A long way home...

You might want to be a little more that 100m...

Just for the record...not my artwork.

The crews have a little fun with their wingman.

Anything for a little privacy.

A reminder not to get complacent...

Just wanted to make sure I sent the message on...

A friendly reminder

Aircraft Pictures...

2 UH-60s on a mission

CH-47 recovering a broken UH-60...

Something not seen every day.

Traffic control

UH-60 at sunset

UH-60 over the sand

AH-64 Apache

A little help from above...

Ch-47 at sunset

Navy Sea Hawk shooting flares

The beginnings of the Iraqi Air Force.

CH-47 hauling at sunset

UH60 after a sandstorm

Dust landing

Making it look easy in the middle of the night...

Too easy...(under night vision goggles)

From sunrise... sunset

Where we sleep...

All the comforts of home...

Bug net "pods" inside the big tent...

Bug net "pods" inside the small tent...

My usual crash pad, used far too infrequently. We were advised to use dark bedding to hide the dirt.

Home and Garden has nothing on us.

Mortar bunker outside the living area.

At fun had by anyone ...

Me at the desk doing a little equipment prep...

Me with a pile of presents from "" at Christmas...

When the work got difficult, some had to be "persuaded " to stay at their sations.

Let the eating games begin; I was successful in downing a can of SPAM and two tins of sardines in 5 min...although I did not feel successful afterward

It didn't look like a lot when I started.

SPC E works through a popcorn ball in 1 minute, she finished "early".

SFC O, ready to down a plate of "Peeps"....

...less than a minute later...success!

More seriousness outside the office...SFC U and CPT T

Christmas with the XO, MAJ M.

Even though it is Easter, we still need to be absolutely serious while working.

Everyone gets their picture taken with the boss, whether they want to or not.

SPC F tries to eat a carmel apple in one minute...not!

A rubber snake by itself is not funny, a rubber snake at night under a helicopter loading ramp...hilarious!

Greetings to the Oak Ridge High School Class of 86 - thanks for the shirt.

Some show their spirit with personalized "Blackjack" tattoos

Anything to get home...

Been "working out"...??

"There I was..." The pillot stories will only get better with time.

To stay hydrated flight crew would pre-insert IV's to be used later in flight.

Other sights...

No WMD's here...anymore ;)

Hanging with the Brits...the steering wheel is still on the wrong side.

Entry point...a lot of locals around "usually" mean no car bombs.

The sand wall... the sand wall.

Going hunting...

Our Unit Flag

Vehicles seen around...

The original - HMMWV (High Mobility Multi Wheeled Vehicle; 'The Hummer")

The "UP-Armored" Hummer. The doors alone weigh over 300 lbs.

Mercedes truck...sort of.

An AFV (Armored Fighting Vehicle) - More armor is better, being able to shoot back with bigger guns is best.

Iraqi police car

British gun trucks in Baghdad

The Striker with RPG grill.

Never figured out why they call it the "Bug" truck.

Soldier art...paintings on the "T" wall mortar barriers

Flight Ops Wall

Starbucks never had it so good.

Message on a wall


Packing up the aircraft to put on the boats

The start of a long trip...

Victory shower on returning soldier flights.

The "Welcome Home" from the people of Bangor, Maine. Real Americans

The neighbors show their spport

Good to be home

The rainbow was a nice touch

Reconnecting with "Daddy"


Not all my pictures, but all good shots, with a few "stars" thrown in...

CH47 in Afganistan; making it look easy.

Jessie James Hollywood...more than cool.

Toby Keith...a friend to the troops.

Me with actor Gary Sinise (aka "LT Dan"). The movie stars who visit the troops don't have to come here, so we are deeply appreciative of those who.

Soldier after being hit by a road-side bomb; HOOAH! Back at you!

John Kerry...enough said.


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