Ask an ant to describe an elephant and the answer will depend on where the ant stands.  I see Iraq through the eyes of a Blackhawk helicopter pilot and Mid-level Army Officer. 



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Welcome to my Web site!

After much encouragement from friends, family and fellow soldiers I have built this website to convey my experiences and observations while deployed to Iraq.  I have also attempted, as best I can, to describe the culture and experience of the military and this deployment to people who may have limited or no military exposure.  Additionally, I will post my views and opinions about some of the issues we face.  My views are my own and I voice them so others may better come to understand the situation the US and the rest of the world face from Iraq and the Middle East.

I am an activated Army National Guard soldier.  Prior to being activated, I spent on average, one weekend per month and one day per week as a Staff Officer and UH-60, Blackhawk helicopter pilot in the 2-135th General Support Aviation Battalion (GSAB) at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado.  This was on top of my full-time job as a police officer with the Colorado Springs Police Department Air Support Unit.

Now, I am stationed in Iraq.  I am a Staff Operations Officer and UH-60 helicopter pilot with the 2-135th Aviation Battalion, "The Blackjacks".  

At the end of this deployment, between time spent training and time spent in Iraq I will have been away from my family and home for over 18 months. 

On August 17, 2007 I left Iraq and returned to the US and civilian life.  It is my intent to leave this site up for as long as I can so that others can get an idea of what some of the soldiers experienced during "Operation Iraq Freedom 06-08".

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Disclaimer:  Due to the nature of this conflict, I will not discuss tactics, operations or sensitive information.  Names of individuals may be changed to protect their identity.  Additionally, I will not show any combat photos/footage or identifiable pictures of Iraqi citizens. Improvements:  This is my first attempt to build a web site.  I will continually make improvements and add updates, but I will always place content over fluff.

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